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Here are some 10 minute worksheets.

What are they testing? Well, are you able to explain yourself efficiently? We all know what a table or a pen is, but how many of us are able to briefly define the word?

Read out each word. What you’re aiming for is a definition that is effective. So, for example, describing a toaster as something you toast bread in is not an effective answer. So ask a follow up question: What does to toast something mean? They may say that it is another word for cook – well now we’re getting closer to a definition.

A fun way of completing the worksheet is for the questioner to say that they are from the planet Venus. That way every concept, no matter how simple, has to be explained. Your son or daughter will think that some terms speak for themselves. Not so if you’re from Venus.

There’s an old board game called Articulate in which you have to define 6 words against an egg timer and your partner has to guess. If you want, how about 12 words in 1 minute?

If they’re having trouble, ask them to speak in sentences. Then work your way down: define the word in 5 words. Then define it in 3 words.

You’ll discover there are shortcuts. So, a toaster is an express bread cooking device, with the word device being pretty handy for other definitions.

Many 11+ papers have word definition questions, in which the candidate must define a word in the context it is used in the comprehension passage.

So, buy a big adult dictionary – a heavy one they can only lift with two hands! – kid’s dictionaries become annoying the first time you are unable to find a certain word in them, and by 10 that will start to happen. When you use this worksheet have the dictionary to hand.