Checking 1 – A Letter from Greece

Checking 2 – John Hopkins’ Letter

Checking 3 – King Minos


If you’re able to get your child to check you’re a better man than me! There is such resistance to the simple task of reading back your own work that often I ask them to read their story aloud to demonstrate how little time it takes. One side of A4 paper can be read in 2 minutes.

I suspect the reason kids are so reluctant to read back their own homework is that they’re just glad to have finished it and keen to go an do something they enjoy more. 

I have no cure I’m afraid. There are strategies I have heard mentioned in the past. Reading the story backwards from the end to the beginning was one suggestion. If the sentences didn’t make sense then the idea was that you could concentrate on the spelling of the words. I’m not sure about that one.

Often if checking did take place it wasn’t very well done and obvious mistakes were missed. Often a person’s mind corrects words in their head as they are reading so you miss errors on the page – like a kind of mental autocorrect.

These worksheets should help. They each contain a task that needs to be completed. Ideally you should spot all the mistakes first time around – well at least that’s what you’re aiming for. Remember it’s not just spelling, but grammar you’re watching out for, and each worksheet should not take more than 5 minutes to complete, which is the maximum time you should take to check in the exam.

Good luck!